Amsterdam Nieuw West


Sloterplas Amsterdam
Sloterplas Amsterdam

In addition to the city center, which is just 15 minutes by bicycle from Bed and Breakfast Amsterdam West, Amsterdam has much to offer.


B&B Amsterdam West is very close to the Sloterplas, a wonderful recreational area with numerous facilities. 


Of course there is a bicycle path around the lake, just over 6 km long. It's the perfect bicycle ride for those who find the busy city center a bit too extreme for cycling, but still want to show pictures of cycling adventures in Amsterdam.


To give you some ideas we, have listed below some links about Amsterdam Nieuw West that we thought you might find interesting.


Amsterdam Nieuw West Windmill - "De molen van Sloten"

The are seven windmills in Amsterdam. Five of them are on the West side of town. So if you want to see some windmills, but don't want to visit the touristic "Zaanse Schans" we can recommend renting a biycle and make a small biycle tour in Amsterdam West.


"The Molen van Sloten" in Amsterdam Nieuw-West is open to the public. 

The Rembrandt Sloten Windmill and Coopery Museum are 2 locations worth seeing under 1 roof. An original Poldermill and a museum where you can see how barrels are being manufactured. Daily conducted tours through the Mill.


  • Museum Nieuw West
    Open on Friday and Saturday.
    Modern architecture in Nieuw West.
  • Street art museum Amsterdam
    The museum focuses on classic Latin American Muralism and its connection to the new production techniques of the contemporary art movement of graffiti/street art.
Parkrand, Jacob van Rijs 2007
Parkrand, Jacob van Rijs 2007


  • Ontdekking van de Sloterplas
    Boat, windsurf and skate rental, ask us about details.
  • Sloterparkbad
    The Sloterparkbad is one of the largest swimming accommodations in the Netherlands. The complex has  a multipurpose pool, a 50-meter competition pool, a diving pool and a recreational pool. There is also a huge outdoor area of 5 hectares located on the Sloterplas. A magnificent piece of nature in Amsterdam!
  • Disc Golf
    Since early 2010, there has been a Disc Golf course in the Sloterplas park. The 18-hole course is the second official permanent disc golf course in the Netherlands.
Sloterplas, Amsterdam Nieuw West
Sloterplas, Amsterdam Nieuw West

Canoe rental

Canoe rental

In addition to the city centre, which is just 15 minutes from B&B Amsterdam West by bicycle, Amsterdam has much to offer.  Bed and  Breakfast Amsterdam West is very close to the Sloterplas, a wonderfull recreational area with numerous facilities. Of course there is a bicycle path around the lake, just over 6 km long. But the Sloterplas can also easily be reached by canoe from the canal behind our house.

€ 25,00

  • Contact us to make reservation for (guided) biycle or canoe rental.