Bed and Breakfast Amsterdam West CARS Collection

Disney Pixar CARS collection

disney pixar cars display at Bed and Breakfast amsterdam west

We have been collecting Mattel Disney Cars Die Cast for more then 15 years. And although we miss a few characters and releases we are proud of our collection of 1500+ Disney Cars. Part of the collection is displayed in the hallways of Bed and Breakfast Amsterdam West. The following pages are best viewed on PC, laptop or tablet in horizontal position. Page navigation links can't be seen on mobile phones.

Disney Pixar CARS

Lightning McQueen & Rust-Eze Racing

Radiotor Springs Townies

Radiator Springs and Highway

Piston Cup & World Grand Prix

Around the Globe

Agents and Lemons & Airport

Thunder Hollow - Crazy 8 Demolition Race


TOON & Expanded Universe

Scavenger Hunt

Desert Card

About The Collection-Notes

Pictures: Broedelet35

Screen shots: Disney

Documentation: Panini Album, T5AD Cars Collectors Guide & Checklist 1-4, T5AD Cars Collectors Opener Checklist 2006-2010, T5AD Everything 2006-2015 catalog, Collect them All Posters, BDD-World of,, Mattel Cars Character Encyclopedia and Meet the Cars.

Mold variations: Flat windshield (FW), Unibody (UNI) or Segmented (SEG) variations. The Unibody and Flat windshield variations are re-releases of older releases.

Eye variation 1: Lenticular (LC), no high prioirty variation. But some models are only released as Lenticular though and added to collection.

Eye variation 2: Eye color variations.

Eye variation 3: Thailand variants come with black eyebrow line

SC: Super Chase 1/4000 

DS: Disney store release, scale 1:43 No high priority. But some models are only released as Disney Store model though and added to collection.

SDCC: San Diego Comicon exclusive

D23: Disney D23 exclusive

AUS: Australia exclusive

BS: Boxset/Multipack variation

2P: 2 Pack variation

LC: Lenticular variation

PS: Playset variation

DL: DeLuxe/Mega

L&S: Lights and Sounds

CCP: Connect & Collect Puzzle

BD: Backdoor Ebay

CFC: China Factory Custom

Tomica: Tomica model 1:64

MINT: (Still) In original packing material

Italic: Not in collection