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Explore Amsterdam by bicycle

For cyclists staying at Bed and Breakfast Amsterdam West, we offer something extra. If you are traveling by bicycle, don't worry you can park your bike in our special bike storage. Tools and knowledge are at hand for those unexpected repairs. Downtown Amsterdam is 10 to 15 minutes by bicycle from B&B Amsterdam West.


For the less experienced cyclist we recommend a tour to the city center through the Rembrandt and Vondel park or a cruise along the borders of the nearby lake.


Explore Amsterdam or the surrounding countryside on a original Project 346 cruiser or on one of our other cruiser bicycles. Cycling is the way to discover the hidden beauty of the Dutch countryside. And cycling on a Dutch design Project 346 will make this trip an unforgettable one as these bikes are built to go the distance in style. And because we are passionate cyclists ourselves, you can be sure we will have some nice routes for you to discover. So if you are not traveling by bicycle and want to experience the real meaning of cruising, see Bicycle rental or Guided bicycle tours below.

Bicycle rental - Amsterdam

Bicycle rental

Discover Amsterdam on a 3 or 7 speed custom cruiser bicycle, incl. lock(s). We provide map(s) and route directions. We know various nice routes; let us at Bed and Breakfast Amsterdam West advise you. Or find your own way on bicycle routes near B&B Amsterdam West.

Happy cruisin'


Price p/bicycle

€ 7,50

  • Contact us to make reservation for (guided) biycle or canoe rental.

Guided bicycle tours - Amsterdam

Guided bicycle tour

Let us guide you on a two-hour tour through Amsterdam. Get to know the cycle paths in the city and how to get around on a bicycle without getting lost. Minimum 2 people, incl. bicycle rental for 24 hours.


€ 15,00

  • Contact us to make reservation for (guided) biycle or canoe rental.

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Amsterdam West

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+31 (0)20 421 4864

More custom bicycles

In B&B Amsterdam West a collection of unique bicycle designs can be seen. Custom biycles are displayed in the rooms and hallway of the B&B.