Cars 3 Extended Universe Series

Thomasville Racing Legends


  • Reb Meeker as "Unknown"
  • Herb Curbler as Jet Robinson
  • Jackson Storm as Randy Lawson
  • Ponchy Wipeout as Rusty Dipstick
  • Lightning McQueen as Hudson Hornet
  • Cal Weathers as "Slim" Hood
  • HJ Hollis/Parker Brakeston as Floyd Morgan
  • Chip Gearings as Eli Turnpike
  • Cruz Ramirez as Louise Nash
  • The King as Floyd Morgan
  • Danny Swervez as Jet Robinson


  • Apple 77 Retro

RS 24H endurance race

Harder, Faster, SLEEKER. The 24-hour Race is ON, and these next-gen racers are ready to push themselves to the limits!

  • Rich Mixon (Tim Threadless)
  • Ed Truncan
  • Eric Braker
  • Chase Racelott
  • J.D McPillar
  • Jackson Storm
  •  Lightning McQueen

Racing RED

  • Mater
  • Jackson Storm
  • Sally

xrs - MUD Racing

  • Jackson Storm
  • Lightning McQueen

xrs - Rocket Racing

  • Jackson Storm
  • Lightning McQueen

xrs - drag racing

  • Jackson Storm
  • Lightning McQueen