Amsterdam: Bed and Breakfast BOOK NOW!

How to make a booking for a Bed and Breakfast in Amsterdam? Maybe we can help you here! Our goal is to explain the necessary steps to get off to a good and enjoyable stay in Amsterdam.

How to book a B&B in Amsterdam and get the best price?

  • Step 1: First decide which Bed and Breakfast in Amsterdam you would like to stay. Use the one of the many booking websites (Booking-Expedia-Tripadvisor-Trivago) to select a B&B within your budget or other preferences.
  • Step 2: Once you found the B&B you would like to stay copy/paste the name of the B&B and have Google or other search engine find the webiste of the B&B for you.
  • Step 3: Make your reservation request on the website of the B&B. By making direct contact with the owners of the B&B you're saving yourself booking costs or the B&B commission costs.
  • Step 4: Enjoy your stay in Amsterdam.

Step 1: How to find the best B&B in Amsterdam?

  1. We will use Trivago in this examle. Trivago’s hotel search allows users to compare hotel prices from more than 250 booking sites and shows you the combined review scores for the accommodation of these booking sites. 
  2. On Trivago select AMSTERDAM as destination and the dates you want to visit Amsterdam. 
  3. Now it's time to use the filters on this 1st round search result including all accommodations with availability. As you want to stay at a B&B use the extra filter type of accommodation and select Bed and Breakfast.
  4. To find the best reviewed select the ' deep green happy face' in the review filter and sort by focus on ranking,
    Note: On another booking site you might have to select 'best ranked or reviewed'.
  5. Set your maximum price and now you have the list of B&B in Amsterdam you are looking for.
First decide which Bed and Breakfast in Amsterdam you would like to stay. Use Trivago to select a B&B within your budget.
How to select the best B&B in Amsterdam?

6. On Trivago you can find more info about the selected accommodation by clicking the 'Nieuws/News' button or Hotel Details. Click on Official Homepage to visit the website of the B&B. 
Note: Ignore view deal.

To find more information,  website or prize click NEWS or Hotel Details on the add of the B&B accomodation.
For more information about B&B click News or Hotel Details

Step 2: Search for your favorite Bed and Breakfast in Amsterdam on Google

  1. If the booking site doesn't provide a direct link to the Official Homepage of the B&B then simply copy/paste the name of the accommodation into Google or other search engine. Just below the ads you will find the Official Homepage of the Bed and Breakfast.
Search results 'Bed and Breakfast Amsterdam West' on Google, red outlined.
Search result 'Bed and Breakfast Amsterdam West'

Step 3: Make your reservation on the website of the B&B

  1. Visit the Official Homepage of the B&B of your choice and of course they will have room available when offered on a booking site. Look for the contact page or the availabilty calender and make your reservation request.
  2. To make things easy for you to make a reservation for this B&B we have added our availability calender from Booking,com offers it's 'partners' a booking widget with lowered commission for their website, but reservations are hardly made on the official homepage of an accommodation anymore*. Now let's chance this and start making reservations on the official homepage of the B&B.
  3. Book directly and securely with the built-in booking widget on the Bed and Breakfast Amsterdam West website and save us the commission charges: thanks!! We reward reservations made on our website with a bottle of wine upon your arrival. Use code WINE to claim your reward.

* See also: Why do we tell you this?

Step 4: Enjoy your stay!

  1. Welcome to Amsterdam. Learn more about the history, things to do or visit in Amsterdam on our Amsterdam Tourist Info pages.
The Amsterdam canals are part of the world heritage. Beautiful in the evening when the lights go on.
Amsterdam canal by night

Why do we tell you this?

Because booking websites either charge a lot of commission or have the accommodation pay to be better visable or have higher ranked on their website or app.


With the growing use of smart phones these booking websites have even more control in the hotel market as a few years ago. Internet should provide opportunities for a small business, but no longer does and certainly in the hotel market. Once the booking app of these booking websites is installed on the smart phone, no further search is done on the internet and the reservation is made with this app.


With this control over the Hotel market the price of the accommodation is partly determined by these booking wesbites.  With the commission charged they add at least 10% to the price. For a Hotel or B&B not being present on one of these booking websites is no option as reservations are needed of course.


We are not complaining and like what we are doing. It's good fun to run a B&B and be appreciated for what we do for our guests, but we would like to keep the feeling of independence the internet once offered.


Enjoy your stay in Amsterdam
Bed and Breakfast Amsterdam West