FBI 2010

FBI part IX

Bikes became people and friends for life over the last ten years at the FBI. “Facebook 3D” as one FBI 2010 participant posted.

Over the years we always tried to get the best possible FBI schedule. The COTY and night cruise were added to the schedule, and in 2009 the FBI 100 cruises were introduced as we had the idea the time was right for going the distance. The FBI 2009 made clear that the campsite is an important part of the FBI. Resulting in a start/finish at the campsite for the wonderful Folklore cruise as part of the FBI 100 in 2010.

The 5 days started with the German Invasion. What to expect? The German Invasion cruise was bigger as last year with 95 at the start in Utrecht.

Crusaders from Finland, Russia, Ukraine, Suisse, France, Dutch, Belgium, Sweden, Canada and of course the Germans  made it all the way to the DAM with finish at The Chopperdome. Sunshine, a great day  followed by the traditional Cruise Wars.

Thursday evening the Night cruise was major and Friday’s new Folklore cruise set a new standard.

The COTY on Saturday saw the French taking the crown after getting close in the years before.  DJ Lama and band gave the party after the Party cruise that extra flavor. The Sunday saw the introduction of the original Cali cruise style and  the traditional FBI dragracing.

And now get ready to go the distance at the ultimate cruise experience The FBI Part X 2011,  with the 3 day “Born to cruise” cruise, Night cruise, COTY and Party cruise.