FBI 2009


The best FBI ever? It's for others to decide, but the organization was damn happy the way it went. Thanks to the crusaders coming from Finland, Sweden, Danmark, Germany, Poland, Russia, Switserland, Italy, Spain, France, Belgium, Canada, US, Slovenia, UK and the Netherlands who made the 2009 FBI one to remember for a long time.

The changes made to last years schedules worked out fine. More cruisin" as wednesday-friday saw every day an option to do a 50 km cruise as part of the FBI 100.

To complete your FBI 100 you needed at least two stamps on your tourcard for your FBI 100 medalpatch. Wednesdaymorning in Utrecht 65+ crusaders picked up their FBI 100 tour- and spokecard for  the first cruise of the FBI, the German invasion cruise from Utrecht to Amsterdam. And with the crowd waiting in the DAM when the group arrived it was clear Thursday Nightcruise was going to be a big one.

And despite of some rain at the start it was, 135+ crusaders did another 50 km with some already picking up their FBI 100 medalpatch. Friday saw again a massive crowd with again new participants arriving and some taking a day rest after the Nightcruise, again a 135+ climbed into the saddle for the third leg of the the FBI 100, a 50 km+ beachcruise.

A wonderful cruise with sunny weather all the way to the beach and back to the DAM. Back in the DAM Antti did some extra rounds on the parkinglot to complete his 1000 KM mission, cycling from Finland to the DAM 825 km+ and with already 3 stamps on his FBI tourcard he was just short of a 1000 KM, but 15 minutes later he saw the magic mumber on his clock.

Saturday, sunshine again and a new record with 300+ crusaders at the Partycruise and more nationalities as ever before. A mind blowing experience. The COTY was won by Plasma Custom's Alessandro from Italy for Jacob from Sweden and Chris from Switserland, and with the COTY being a one day event with prize ceromony after the Partycruise the sunday had a relaxed start.

No rush to get bikes into the COTY area again, but a cruise to this years dragrace strip. The dragrace was won by Mies from Amsterdam, kicking ass in all his races beating Lauri from Finland 2-0 in the final. The already classic last cruise of the FBI 2009 was really a speedcruise, with 25 km p/h+ in the dragrace winner's slipstream with start and finish on Damsquare.