FBI 2008


The FBI part VII, 23-27 july 2008 in Amsterdam. In the year 130+ cruised the Night on thursday at the FBI it was certainly a busy weekend to come, more bikes then ever at the COTY on saturday from all around the cruisin galaxy confirmed the feeling and if it hadn't rained saturday afternoon the partycruise might have gone 300+.

The crusade was even more international as the years before, with Rastabike Moscow, Chopaderos and other clubs, groups, friends and families from the Netherlands, Germany, Danmark, Belgium, France, Finland, Slovenia, Spain, Switserland, Austria, Canada, England, Scotland and the USA. Dragracing saw the same Champ as last year, now really taking this crown to the Netherlands for another year after the French era in the early years of the FBI dragracing. IBMA didn't have a bigger part and but will stay part of the FBI program.

For 2009 some changes will be made to the program as we feel the need to do so after the 2008 edition, there will be more cruisin with 50K km rides on wednesday till friday and saturday a 20 km partycruise and sunday a 20 km. The COTY will be only on FBI saturday. The after partycruise party will be back with band(s) and DJ's.