FBI 2007


Never mind the Freaks, here's the FBI part VI. The FBI had to move to a new location in the westerpark, as some freak bike dudes rented the location we had for years. Happy, yes, we moved to the place that hosted the COTY in 2004 before closing down for renovation, a much better location.

More space to park the bikes outside and the COTY back indoors again, 400 M2 of bikes, workshops (CPH airbrush and Ben's metal shaping) and music by Jitterbug. Also present with a small booth A's industries, Firebikes, Metalworks, Electra cruisers and The Chopperdome.

Just like last year it was a five day event with cruise wars, dragrace, partycruise and COTY. New in the 2007 the IMBA mini bike races and nightcruise.

The nightcruise replaced the thursday daytime beachcruise. The nightcruises have always been in april, a 75 km cruise to the beach at night, with it's final edition last year. Now part of the FBI choppernation, new roads, more bars. The team time race was cancelled. The IMBA will have a bigger part in the FBI 2008.