FBI 2006

FBI part V

With a record number of bikes Part V, 2006 became probably the biggest event in the Custom bicycle galaxy. For the second year running the FBI was a five day event with guest now coming from really all over the known custom galaxy as far as the US and Canada again meeting the European scene that gathered in the Westerpark, Amsterdam. Gave last year Partycruise the feeling "we are not alone anymore", now a group of more then 230 custom bikes claimed the streets as they owned the city for the two hours the partycruise took.

The COTY first year being part of the FBI was overwelming, with so many great bikes it was hard to pick one favorite for most guests, but after a lot of work by the jury and public votes being counted the COTY association presented prizes sunday afternoon to the selected finalists.

The WK Cruise Ball can been seen as an experiment, no one got hurt although some bikes being used needed some work. For 2007 the team time cruise will return to the program. The fourth FBI dragraces brought for the third time a French overall winner. Besides the bikes the FBI gave place to a tattoo artist and like last year a pinstriper, but also jewelry, clothing stands and live music.