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The CNN archives with the original posts saved from ChopperNewsNetwork Website before this due to server problems went down.

The Chopperdome 2006

Going through some old files we found a bunch of photos of the interieur and display at the Chopperdome. Photos by Jahpix. The photos were taken in 2006.

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Wazzup 2001

The Chopperdome opened the doors in July 2001. The UCME website name was changed into Fickser Import & Export and the news page was renamed WAZZUP. We promoted PHAT cycles by what we called cruisin" and going to various events. The first cruise was organized in Oktober 2001. By the end of the year the Chopperdome sold PHAT cycles, a small selection of Schwinn bicycles, some Felt and a obscure Illmatic chopper.

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