Titel    Map   IMDB Jaar
G Garfield - The Movie A3.17 Groen 20th Century Fox    
  Garfield 2 A3.18 Groen 20th Century Fox    
  Ghostbusters C4.03 Oranje Columbia    
  Ghostbusters 2 C4.04 Oranje Columbia    
  Golden Compass, The C3.12 Oranje New Line Cinema    
  Gomorra B2.13 Blauw ABC    
  Good Bye Lenin B2.24 Blauw ABC    
  Good Will Hunting B1.17 Blauw Miramax    
  Grease B3.06 Blauw Paramount    
  Green Mile, The B1.11 Blauw Warner Bros    
  Grote Vriendelijk Reus, De   Kast Movie Collection Box    
  Guardians of the Galaxy D4.09 Rood Marvel 8.0 2014
  Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol 2 D4.10 Rood Marvel 7.6 2017
  Guide to recognizing your saints, A D4.02 Rood First Look Studios 7.0 2006
H Happy Feet A1.08 Groen Warner Bros 6.4 2006
  Happy Feet 2   Kast Warner Bros 5.9 2011
  Harry Potter - and the Philosopher's Stone C3.01 Oranje Heyday Films    
  Harry Potter - en de Geheime Kamer C3.02 Oranje Heyday Films    
  Harry Potter -en de Gevangene van Azkaban C3.03 Oranje Heyday Films    
  Harry Potter -en de Vuurbeker C3.04 Oranje Heyday Films    
  Harry Potter -en de Orde van de Feniks C3.05 Oranje Heyday Films    
  Harry Potter - and the Half-Blood Prince C3.06 Oranje Heyday Films    
  Harry Potter -and the Deadly Hallows part I C3.08 Oranje Heyday Films    
  Harry Potter -and the Deadly Hallows part II C3.09 Oranje Heyday Films    
  Hateful Eight, The C4.01 Oranje The Western Company    
  History of the World Part 1 D1.11 Rood 20th Century Fox 6.9 1981
  Hitman's Bodyguard, The B2.14 Blauw DFW    
  Home - En Route A1.06 Groen Dreamworks    
  Home Alone C3.21 Oranje 20th Century Fox    
  Home Alone 2 C3.22 Oranje 20th Century Fox    
  Home Alone 3 C3.23 Oranje 20th Century Fox    
  Hooligans D4.13 Rood Odd Lot Entertainment    
  House of Sand and Fog   Kast Movie Collection Box 7.5 2003
  How to Train your Dragon A3.03 Groen Dreamworks    
  How to Train your Dragon 2 A3.04 Groen Dreamworks    
  Hunger Games, The B4.04 Blauw Lionsgate    
  Hunger Games, The - Catching Fire B4.05 Blauw Lionsgate    
  Hunger Games, The - Mocking Jay Part I B4.06 Blauw Lionsgate    
I Ice Age A1.09 Groen 20th Century Fox    
    A1.10 Groen 20th Century Fox    
  Ice Age 2 - The Meltdown A1.11 Groen 20th Century Fox    
  Ice Age 3 - Dawn of the Dinosaurs A1.12 Groen 20th Century Fox    
  Ice Age 4 - Continental Drift A1.13 Groen 20th Century Fox    
  Ice Age 5 - Collision Course A1.14 Groen 20th Century Fox    
  Immortal Beloved B1.07 Blauw Columbia Tristar    
  Incredibles, The A2.13 Groen Pixar    
  Indiana Jones - Raiders of the Lost Ark   Kast Paramount 8.4 1981
  Indiana Jones - Temple of Doom   Kast Paramount 7.6 1984
  Indiana Jones - Last Crusade   Kast Paramount 8.2 1989
  Indiana Jones - Kingdom of the Crystal Skull   Kast Paramount 6.1 2008
  Inglourious Basterds B1.06 Blauw Universal    
  Inside Out A1.04 Groen Disney-Pixar    
  Into the Wild D4.08 Rood A-Film 8.1 2007
  Iron Man C1.04 Oranje Paramount 7.9 2008
  Iron Man 2 C1.05 Oranje Paramount    
  Iznogoud - Het onzichtbare bed A3.15 Groen Foxs Kids    
J Jackass, The Movie B3.05 Blauw Paramount    
  Jackie Brown B3.21 Blauw Miramax    
  Jaws D4.15 Rood Universal 8.0 1975
  - Bonus material 30 years anniversary D4.16 Rood Universal    
  Jaws 2 D4.17 Rood Universal 5.8 1978
  Jaws 3 D4.18 Rood Universal 3.7 1983
  Jaws: The Revenge D4.19 Rood Universal 3.0 1987
  JFK C2.17 Oranje Warner Bros    
  Jumanji B3.12 Blauw Tristar 7.0 1995
  Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle D4.07 Rood Sony 6.9 2017
  Jungle Book A4.09 Groen Disney    
   Jungle Fever   Kast Universal 6.6 1991
  Jurassic Park B4.21 Blauw Universal    
  Jurassic Park - The Lost World B4.22 Blauw Universal    
  Jurassic Park - III B4.23 Blauw Universal    
  Jurassic World B4.24 Blauw Universal    
K  Kazbek, De Vliegenierster van Kazbek   Kast Movie Collection Box 6.0 2010
  Kill Bill B2.20 Blauw Miramax    
  Kill Bill 2 B2.21 Blauw Miramax    
  Killer, The - Chow Yun Fat B1.02 Blauw Hong Kong Legends    
  Komt een vrouw bij de Dokter D3.01 Rood Eyeworks    
  Kruistocht in Spijkerbroek   Kast Avro    
  Kuifje - Tin Tin C1.14 Oranje Columbia    
L La Dolce Vita B2.11 Blauw WWC    
  Legend of the Guardians A4.01 Groen Warner Bros    
  Lego - The Movie A3.23 Groen Warner Bros    
  Lego - Batman, de Super Hero's Unite A3.24 Groen Warner Bros    
  Les Choristes aka The Chorus D4.12 Rood A-Film 7.9 2004
  Life of Pi B3.07 Blauw Fox 2000    
  Little Mermaid, The A4.19 Groen Disney    
  Live and let Die B3.09 Blauw 20the Century Fox    
  Live from Bagdad   Kast Movie Collection Box 7.3 2002
  Logan D4.03 Rood 20the Century Fox 8.1 2017
  Lord of the Rings - The Fellowship of the Ring B4.15 Blauw New Line Cinema    
  Lord of the Rings -The Two Towers B4.17 Blauw New Line Cinema    
  Lord of the Rings -The Return of the Kings B4.19 Blauw New Line Cinema    
  Lords of Dogtown B1.08 Blauw Columbia Tristar    
M Madagascar A1.01 Groen Dreamworks    
  Madagascar 2 A1.02 Groen Dreamworks    
  Madagascar 3 A1.03 Groen Dreamworks    
  Man on the Moon   Kast Warner Bros 7.4 1999
  Mathilda C3.20 Oranje Tristar    
  Matrix, The C2.03 Oranje Warner Bros    
  Matrix, The - Reloaded C2.04 Oranje Warner Bros    
  Matrix, The - Revolutions C2.06 Oranje Warner Bros    
  Maze Runner, The - The Labyrinth B4.01 Blauw 20th Century Fox 6.8 2014
  Maze Runner, The - Scorch Trials B4.02 Blauw 20th Century Fox 6.3 2015
  Maze Runner, The - Death Cure C1.22 Oranje 20th Century Fox 6.2 2018
  Men in Black D1.05 Rood Columbia    
  Men in Black II D1.06 Rood Columbia    
  Men in Black III D1.07 Rood Columbia    
  Mijn Opa de Bankrover D3.08 Rood A Film    
  Million Dollar Baby, The B3.03 Blauw Warner Bros    
  Million dollar hotel, The B1.12 Blauw Icon    
  Monster House A1.16 Groen Columbia Pictures    
  Monsters Inc. A2.18 Groen Pixar    
  Monsters vs. Aliens A3.12 Groen Dreamworks    
  Monthy Python's - And now for something completely Different D1.01 Rood A-Film    
  Moordwijven D3.02 Rood Indepent Films    
  Mulan A4.23 Groen Disney    
  Murder of Quality, A   Kast Movie Collection Box 6.3 1991